Kevin Precious is a former RE Teacher turned stand-up comedian. He previously toured the country’s arts centres and theatres with a school-themed show entitled ‘Not Appropriate’ (see WSCT review below). The title of this blog ‘Talking Out Of School’ is tongue-in-cheek, and an extension of the take previously founded in the show.  It’s an opportunity to discuss the business of teaching further, by way of anecdote, conjecture, polemic… or any combination thereof (as well as any other written device that might come to mind). There’s a fair chance that if he gets carried away, he might even write about other subject matter too. In any event, the intention – for the most part – is to entertain.   Kevin is available to perform teacher-themed stand-up comedy material at conferences, PTA nights, INSET days and any other type of teacher gathering. He can also perform straightforward stand-up (i.e. non-teacher themed) and MC pretty much until the cows come home. Largely because he spends a lot of time doing so under the promotional banner Barnstormers Comedy. He is currently working on a show called ‘Unholier Than Thou’ which combines his career as an RE Teacher with his outlook as a non-believer. The plan is to take it to Edinburgh in 2018. If you wish to book him as a stand-up comic, host or for teacher-themed events, you can do so by contacting The Artists Partnership, the details of which are also below.

Kevin Precious Website

West Sussex County Times Review of ‘Not Appropriate’

Teacher Show References

Kevin Precious Facebook Page

Kevin Precious Twitter Page

Barnstormers Comedy Website

Booking Kevin: The Artists Partnership


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